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Safe As Milk (Uncurdled Version)

by Michael Roe

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released March 13, 2012

Produced by Michael Roe

©2012 Lo-Fidelity Records


all rights reserved



Michael Roe Sacramento, California

autumnal, bluesy, introspective...

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Track Name: Holy Day
you made my life a breeze baby
and you made it all so easy too
why i had to rearrange
and make a change
i'll never know
how i came to throw your love away
and fall down all alone

when you came
every day became a holiday
but since you've gone away
baby i've seen harder days

when you came
every day became a holiday
but now you've gone away
and i've got harder days

me i played the fool again
made a foolish end
of things that never had to end
and every time you see me now
you'll think of how
i broke your heart
but i'm praying for the day
you'll find a way to give us one more start


what i wouldn't do to get you back again
and i'll work hard every day
to make a holiday that never ends
Track Name: It's For You
it's a fishbowl fry
it's small potatoes
its some tough tomatoes
when the shit hits the fan
from the fire to the frying pan

so go on, stake a claim
but the lease is a little lame
'cuz the land is a little locked
to any borders or boundaries
it'll leave you in a quandary...

it's a wake-up call
'cuz the thrill of it all
isn't worth the punch
drunken binges only blow your lunch

yes you shot your wad
when you named yourself "God"
but your nickname is "chump"
blowing chunks out your mouth
wisdom out your rump

it's a belching gas
it's a treacherous trip
on a mountainous pass
it's a warning
it's a block
you're the cock 'o th' walk
but you can't walk your talk

it's for you and you and you

it's a freeze-frame still
full of whiskey and bitter pills
it's a catwalk crawl
through one barroom brawl after another
(it's a mother)
so don't look down
'cuz you won't like the drop
it's fun while you're flying
but it's bad when you're lying there
bleeding and dying

it's for you and you and you

it's a bath of sin
with no way to clean up
and no way to win
it's a hardened heart
that attacks when it stops
and you can't make it start again

yes, you're laboring under the law
with all of your foibles
and all of your flaws
you can cut 'em all loose
and save yourself from the hangman
there's no need to be damned
but do you give a dang, man?

whether fortune and fame
or rank poverty
we all rank just the same
'cuz every knee has to bow
to some god of some kind
which one will you choose now?

is it you and you and you?
Track Name: Sneakers
you're like chrome and steel
a lightning wheel
you're dressed up
stripped down like a banana peel
you're unreal, babe
a full meal, babe
you're built straight from scratch
no seams, no patch
lift the lid, lift the latch
you've battened down every hatch
you're a catch, babe
a perfect match, babe

i'm a semi-sucker
stumbling down the road
a real gone trucker
since i dropped my load

i was wholly jive
and only half alive
i went looking for a ride
and you swiped my side
we collide, babe
deep and wide, babe
i was a hefty hunk
of gas-guzzling junk
a total clunker, i ran
but i sweat and i stunk
like a funk, babe
i was sunk, babe

you're a sweet hitchhiker
with your soul in your shoes
you can take time out
for a permanent cruise
won't you choose me?

c'mon baby
you can't refuse
c'mon and take me
for a ride in your walking shoes

you're a one-way ticket
to a 2-way street
got me coming and going
every time we meet
you're a treat, babe
so concrete, babe
i drove you to Moline
from Aberdeen
you got something us local folks
ain't never seen
you got feel, babe
my ideal, babe

i'm a flat-tired floozy
flopping out on you
no one can pump me up
the way that you do
can you move me?

c'mon baby
you got nothing to lose
you can drive me crazy
with your walking shoes

c'mon baby
make it all come true
take a trip
don't slip
don't drop me out
in the morning dew

c'mon baby
you can't refuse
take me one day
one step at a time
in those walking shoes
Track Name: The Stellazine Prophecy
i've got this great new drug
her name is Stella
she shines like a beautiful star
make you real happy, fella

if your heart's like ice
she'll melt it
and make you feel love
like you've never, ever felt it

she can cool your temper
or bring your temperature around
make your ears perk up
to every little sound

she's got the goods
to take all the bad right out of you
turn your sad into glad
be a mother and dad to you, too

yeh, that's Stella
she's so good in a pinch
she'll extend the length of your pleasure
make you grow another inch

you can fly to Peru
you can become a priest
write books for fun or profit
or be a prophet, at least

reams and reams of clever scripts
man, you'll playwrite them all
take a trip
take a stumble
but she'll never let you fall

forget all of the history books you read
she'll obliterate the past
and eliminate all of your petty little needs

forget all the crime and the hatred
you've witnessed all these human years
sit back and let Stella
plot your future without any fears

she's one hell of a chick
she's one heaven of a ride
man, she rides like paradise
but you're still gonna die
so pray that she's there to greet you
when you get to the other side
'cuz there's nothing more sad
than a man alone at the alter
without his blushing bride

that's it
Track Name: Hold Dearly To Me
what do you do when you're in total frustration?
what do you do when you're in total despair?
what can you say when you dial that number and the only
person you want to talk to is never really, really quite there?

this person cannot bring me happiness
this person cannot bring me joy
Gracious God lift me higher, let me see your beautiful face
i gotta know who my true friends are and
where's my home sweet home

many nights i've wandered alone down this street of pain
many days i've stumbled out into the darkness of daylight
many years i've wandered, wondering just where i'll end up
in a festering heap of flames or a shivering cold cold night

good God almighty scoop me up and set me free
let me walk in Your forgiveness make a man out of me
Lord i've been jumping at shadows, like a snake i've been eating my tail
let me trip, let me stumble but please don't let me fail

i'm a fly by night, i'm a dog by day
i've got a room full of beautiful memories
growing old and in the way
i got a heart that's been broken over and over again
some by lovers, some by brothers, but most of all by my own dirty little hands

let me sit at your holy feet, let me count the hard cost
of what is right and what is wrong, of who is kind and who can only be the boss
let me lie awake and seek the truth from thy holy face
out of the holy mouth thundering forth out of the holy place

let me walk and stand and talk with the mind of one given over
only to the things that i know you hold dear
let me soften my heart, let me harden my footsteps
as i press toward the mark of your safe place without any fear

hold dearly to me
hold dearly to me
hide me, drape me, closely and safely
Track Name: I Need God
i need God in all the familiar places
that this lonely heart of mine embraces
oh i need God
well i need God but i've wandered so far away
more and more each and every day
i go astray

well, his open arms reach out to me
longing and begging to set me free
will i reach out and take them or turn
away and forsake them?
no, no, no...

well, i need God
but i wonder if He can still hear me and if so,
won't You please draw near to me
oh, please, please God
Track Name: I Want Never Gets
silver spoon in her hand
she'll skim the fat off a foreign land
steal the dreams off the back
of the common man
she's a climber, a two-timer too
stoned mind, heart of steel
she'll take for granted everything you feel
fake love with you tonight
and tomorrow say "that was yesterday"
she's a taker, she's a faker too
i couldn't buy what she had in store
now i cannot play in her game anymore

what girl wants, girl gets
but this girl ain't got nothing yet
boy loves, boy dreams
boy gives, she takes to extremes

she's a liar, she'll retire you

what girl wants, girl gets
but this girl ain't got nothing yet
boy loves, boy dreams
what boy gives, she'll take to extremes

girl wants, girl takes
girl splits and the poor hearts break
i want never gets
but this girl doesn't get it yet
Track Name: Smile
open up your eyes, it's a smile
make a funny face
smile awhile for me and you
i love the way you do
make a sunny day from the rain
brighten up the sky
smile again and when you do
the sun will shine right through
your honey hair drips from your hive
comb it sweet for me
it's funny when you come alive
everyone's set free

your honey hair drips from your hive
comb it sweet for me
it's funny when you come alive
everyone feels free

so open up your eyes, it's a smile
make a funny face
smile awhile for me
it's true i still believe in you
i still believe in you...
Track Name: Go With God But Go
forget about me and the day we met
forget all of the foolish dreams we had
one thing to remember, don't forget
the one and only good thing that i said was that i love you
and i know,
i know you must have loved me too
but the whole thing wasn't right
and now i know that you must go
go with God but go

seems we always had something or someone
standing somewhere
in between us with a gun
flaunting everything that they achieved
making everything we had going look cheap
well it wasn't true and now we know
but for too long we believed that it was so
till it ground us right down to the floor
and now we're gone
gone with God but gone

so i packed it up for places unknown
leaving everything i held so dear and warm
now i can't hold on to nothing anymore
i lost my grip one too many times before
well it's too late to go back there i know
and it's too cold to sit here in the snow
so it's upward and onward hi-de-ho
and let it go
go with God but go
Track Name: You Leave Me Homeless
you leave me homeless
outside a frame of time
outside the flame of family
community gone to ashes,
stone and lime
yes, you leave me homeless
no less than stray cats
or women with bags
the sleepless, penniless, toothless hags
i'm free to roam, but there's no home

guess it's a matter of the heart
we started long ago on shaky ground
foundations crumbled left us unsafe and unsound
just bound to fall
and that's what ruined it all

you leave me homeless
i need a new place i can go
where there's a room to tell the truth in
and still feel safe and still feel whole
a bed that i don't have to lie on
a bath where i'll get truly clean
some food that satisfies my hunger
where walking out
is the same as walking in
Track Name: Till Jesu Comes
i cannot wait till Jesu comes
i cannot wait, i cannot wait
and when He comes i'll come undone
i cannot wait to come undone
Jesu told me long ago
"Life only goes so far, you know"
He said to wait for Him and so i sit and wait
but i cannot wait

i never meant to do you no harm
did you need me to be your right hand man
did I mess up the plan
or did i miss the point of grace
was for you to have me right in your face

i cannot wait until you come
no i cannot wait, i cannot wait
and when you come i'll come undone
all undone, all undone
Track Name: Ache Beautiful
you're so far away
and i won't see you any day soon
we came a long way
and now you want to fly to the moon
all alone going your own way
i thought i owned your love
and now you say

ache, ache beautiful for me
go along and ache
ache beauty babe

thought love was here to stay
for years, but now it's down to days
and it's one long long day
to Heathrow from Humboldt bay
love was a song we sang
so beautifully
and can it be gone permanently
and you say

ache, ache beautiful for me
come along and ache
ache beauty babe

yeah, ache, ache beautiful
but all this heart can do is break
so take a piece

you say you're young, too young
you want to just live for today
but true love don't come along every day
and you say

ache, ache beautiful for me
come along and ache
ache beauty baby

yeah, ache, ache beautiful for me
come along and ache
ache beautifully

yeah ache, ache beautiful for me
above me you can sail
duty free
and you say

ache, ache beautiful
but no heart ever breaks

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